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The Tsumeb district offers a great investment opportunity for any prospective commercial farmer. There are 105 commercial farms around Tsumeb. The area consists largely of rolling hills covered in thorn bush. Tsumeb falls under the dry woodland, savannah vegetation zone. The soil around Tsumeb varies in quality from very fertile red loam trough black turf to chalky clay and loam.

Agriculture Extension Office
The Agriculture Extension Office (AEO) provides advice and various services to all farmers around Tsumeb. The office conducts its own research on certain crops and farming methods. The AEO provides also assistance to commercial farmers to control outbreaks of pets and animal/crop disease. The office also recommends locations for drilling new boreholes based on the type of farming being practiced. The research department is involved in researching crop management, mostly with sorghum and millet, and in special research with groundnuts and legumes.

The Tsumeb district is perfectly suited to intensified farming and crop production. There is an abundance of ground water and regular rainfall in the summer months. Irrigation makes the area even more productive. Farmers in the area grow citrus fuit, such as ornages, lemons, tangerines and tangelos, with much success. The main crops grown are maize, sorghum and sunflowers. Because of the large ground water resources and adequate rainfall, there is great potential to grow cash crops like cotton, vegetable (tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, legumes),rice and winter wheat.

Animal Husbandry
Farmers who are interested in livestock farming will find that the Tsumeb district offers a good environment for all kinds of livestock farming. Farmers in the Tsumeb district usually farm with cattle. Sheep and goat farming is done on a much smaller scale, while a few farmers farm ostriches and chicken. There are also a number of stud farms in the vicinity.

Small Stock
While the area is more suitable for cattle farming, almost all the farmers also keep a number of either sheep or goats or both. These animals are normally used for domestic purposes or are sold on the local market.

A number of different breeds of cattle for the production of quality beef are found on the farms in the area. There is also small scale dairy farming taking place in the area. Although the area is mostly free of animal diseases, animals do sometimes suffer from diseases like animal anthrax, brucelosis and black quarter disease. Farmers are bound by law to vaccinate against these diseases.

Cattle that are ready for the market are usually sold to Meatco or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Meatco normally exports to South African and European markets. When cattle are auctioned, they are transported to feed lots elsewhere in Namibia or to South Africa.

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