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Identified Investment Potential

Old Mine and Smelter Premises
The old mine shaft area alongside central Tsumeb has been identified as a very large and important tourist attraction and its investment potential has been acknowledged by many parties in both the commercial and tourism sectors. This area is commonly referred to as the Tsumeb Services Area. Ongopolo Mining and Processing Ltd. (OMPL) has identified property in the mine shaft area that has been deemed redundant. This property is now being made available for rent or for sale. The premises include offices, workshops, laboratories, training facilities and other buildings. This property will soon be incorporated into the municipal area of Tsumeb.

A development plan for the main shaft properties has been drawn up and is awaiting potential investors to put the plan into action. The properties around the mine shaft are ideally located for the planned construction of mini-markets, cafés, restaurants, curio shops, a museum and guided tours of the mine premises.

A bit further away from the shaft area is land/property that is perfectly suited for the business person waiting to set up a light or heavy-industrial enterprise. A standard gauge railway line runs from the Tsumeb railroad station into the old mine premises and is linked to different areas also by standard gauge rail lines. This means that any heavy goods or articles, fuel, raw materials or building materials can be transported from anywhere in Namibia or Africa right to the business area. It is also an easy matter to export products from the business site by using the rail line. A possible enterprise making use of the narrow gauge railroad could be a tour company that offers guided tours of the main premises on the narrow gauge trains. All buildings have the full range of public services.

Within OMPL mine limits, various commercial services are offered, e.g. a fully equipped laboratory that can do contract work.

A new road will be opened up linking Post Street (in the downtown area) with Hage Geingob Drive (the town's by-pass thoroughfare). This will provide a direct route into the old mine premises allowing customers to get to the businesses without having to pass through the main gate opposite the OMPL main office. There are plans to extend the standard railway line so that it would run from the railway station right to the old mine shaft. The idea is for tourist trains to stop right in downtown Tsumeb to explore the town. Tourist can walk easily to all the places of interest, such as the museum, Internet cafés, curio shops, arts & crafts centres, the post office and many more. The tourist information office is nearby and all the restaurants are also in easy walking distance.

The Donkievlakte is a large open area in the western side of the main highway leading into town from Windhoek. Any business situated on the Donkievlakte would have the advantage of being close to potential customers and a major workforce residential area. The Donkievlakte is ideally located close to the centre of town and features all the required public services: water, electricity and sewerage, stormwater drainage, planned streets etc. Lines for telephone, fax and Internet can be installed on demand. The area is not zoned for industrial use, but is classified as a business district. There are 12-15 plots available for immediate purchase. Each plot is between 1 500 and 2 000 square metres in size.

At present most of the area is vacant, but serviced. This offers the business person the opportunity to design and construct a building according to the demands of his/her business. The Donkievlakte is seen as one of the four major development/investment areas in Tsumeb. Due to its location a business in this district would invariably draw customers from both sides of Town.

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