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N. Shetekela Message from the Mayor, N. Shetekela
"As the mayor of Tsumeb, the development of our town as the capital of the Oshikoto region is uppermost in my and my Council's plans.

Local Economic Development in the Tsumeb context means the application of resources, using broad based and integrated processes to promote and address the aspirations, needs, values and wellbeing of the residents of the town of Tsumeb.

For past hundred (100) years Tsumeb is re-known for being a copper town. Transformation of political dimensions played a mayor role in the closure of the former TCL Goldfield owned mine, into the current Ongopolo Mine and Processing Limited. The Tsumeb residents, soon after the closure of the TCL mine in 1998, realized that they had to embark on a strategic economic development plan, in order to diversify and broaden the town's economic base.
The first strategic plan was compiled in 2001, to provide the town with a economic development working document. The strategy was based on the comparative advantage approach, highlighting challenges and strategies to overcome this challenges. Five years down the line, considerable successes have been achieved that saw the establishment of small to medium businesses and industries around town. With the establishment of businesses, a considerable number of employment opportunities came up and absorbed many unemployed residents. Ongopolo outsourced many maintenance functions to the private sector and this contributed to the sustenance of small industries supplying services to Ongopolo, which resulted in the intake of more employees.

The updated five year plan focuses on the competitive advantages the town has to offer and employs strategies aimed at taking a holistic approach towards integrating the diverse needs and aspiration of all residents, into a vibrant economic development environment of mass participation and close smart partnerships. The town of Tsumeb therefore is building on the work started five years back and applying new techniques and approaches to achieve our set objectives of mass employment, provision of efficient services and the creation of conducive investment and tourism environment. The town strives to have a peaceful progressive town of golden opportunities and sustainable economic development that would contribute to the attainment of the National objectives of NDPI, II, III and Vision 2030."

Message from the CEO, A. Benjamin
"In this competitive economic global environment it has become economic imperative for each country, town, village to harness its resources in order to ensure focused, sustainable broad-based economic development for its people.

Vision 2030 was adopted by government as an economic instrument to ensure Namibia's total development into an industrialized nation. That requires that each governing structure, especially Local Authorities, not only define their role in achieving the objectives of vision 2030, but also devise a localized broad based strategy towards the promotion of new and better employment opportunities, a better environment for business and investment, as well as a more sustainable and diverse economic base.

Council is committed to ensure that Tsumeb take advantage of its competitive advantages such as abundant water resources, tranquil economic environment, fertile available land to generate economic investment from external local investors. This process is spearheaded through the Local Development Committee and the recently revised strategic plan for Tsumeb. It is thus crucial for all stake-holders on the LED to effectively perform their role of regularly consulting within their sectors, sharing information on sector based needs and ensuring that their sectors are organized in terms of vision, mission and strategic objectives which are in line with the strategic framework of the town."

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